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The equipment of simultaneous interpretation of speech, speech simultaneous interpretation

GELMA Company provides wide range of Conference and Simultaneous Interpretation Technical Services. We specialize in providing Simultaneous Interpretation equipment & services to organizers of conferences, seminars, presentations and exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.

We can provide specialized equipment such as headsets, booths for interpreters, receivers, microphones, sound amplification systems etc. as well as the necessary expertise to install and monitor this equipment in the course of your events. Our specialists will provide you with necessary consulting and will help you to select the right equipment for your particular needs.

Additionally we can help you finding professional interpreters with the expertize in your field, in order to provide the best quality of consequtive or simultaneous interpretation from and to any language.

Why we?

Our company has a long history of providing Conference and Simultaneous Interpretation Technical Services to clients representing wide range of industries. We work both with large corporations and small businesses.

Among our many recent projects we can name participation in the conference "Bioterrorism" in Munich, "MICROSOFT" congress and "Fourth Russian annual security and law enforcement conference" held in Novosibirsk, III International sports forum "Russia - sports power" September 2011...

Our strength lies in our expert interpretation team, skilled technicians, and extensive experience in the past 20 years.

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